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You can only join for game or invite your friends and then you can earn 10-30 % in direct paid (in 30 sek) payout bonus.

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Once in a lifetime opportunity 


An epic journey filled with fantasy, passion, and high-powered swipes is just around the corner.
Swipe left and right like racing around massive tornadoes in the friendship wilderness. False is swiped to the left while true is swiped to the right. Wrong answers will be shown as X, while correct ones will be shown as V - for victory. Take on the world's most brave fandom to become the next fan legend in the most exhilarating trivia on the market with pulse-pounding swipes of agility and speed.
For those who want to be in command of a Fandom metropolis, SuperOne puts you in the driver's seat. Transform your fanatical knowledge into an infinite fuel as you take the wheel of over questions with every fast-paced, high-octane gaming session on multiple rounds. Random Number Generators (RNGs) will choose questions from a database depending on the chosen category. 
The rulebook is filled out to be 40% simple questions, 40% medium questions, and 20% hard questions. We also use advanced algorithms to make sure that the game always provides adequate resistance, and that the average success rate does not exceed various thresholds.
When you are ready to play, you may choose among your old friends to invite, or just make some new ones by connecting with like-minded fans who share the same interest as you. Whether you are seeking a shot at the top of the leaderboards or two tickets to the Maldives, you will play together to build a lasting connection.
Play together, travel together. SuperOne's fascinating and ever-changing passionate trivia rewards feature a cornucopia of the world's finest entertaining spots in a never-ending variety of engaging encounters.
The iceberg of "fun" will cause many friendships and partnerships to crash and sink. Despite the fact that SuperOne is a skill-based game and relies heavily on your fanatical knowledge, you will discover that you can not win because of some enemies hiding around every turn. 
All game modes and categories now have leaderboards, which are regularly reset and updated. Because the leaderboards only display the highest score, a player may appear on more than one leaderboard at the same time, but not on the same leaderboard more than once. Each game mode has its own set of leaderboards, each of which is tied to a distinct topic. Epic conflicts resemble historical events like the Normandy Invasion in their scale and scope.
Regardless of how easy, medium, or hard a question is, a card may be used to bypass it. There are three levels of cards; Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which correspond to the difficulty levels of the game’s questions: easy, medium, and hard respectively. Using Cards may help you perform better in the game, get a higher score, and move up the leaderboards. 
On-demand, they may be purchased or rented by gamers or even pre-loaded ahead of gaming sessions. As long as players keep staking their cards, card owners will split the money they earn.